What is a Tisane!?

As an Irish native, tea is basically in my blood. You would have to go very far to find an Irish person that doesn’t love a good cuppa tea and chat! When I lived at home in Ireland I was used to drinking between 6 and 10 cups of tea per day – seems crazy to me now! Since moving to the UK in 2015 and changing my routine, I have massively reduced the amount of hot drinks I have but also the types.

Hot drinks are great comforters when alone and also form part of many social occasions  – especially if served with cake 😉

A few months ago I learnt that if you drink caffeine after 12pm in the day, up to 40% of the caffeine will still be in your system when going to bed, at say 10pm that night. So even if you think you are sleeping fine, the caffeine will not be letting your body relax and rejuvenate as well as it should. I have also read that drinking caffeinne 6 house before sleeping can reduce sleep quality to the equivalent of 1 hour of deep sleep. Since then I stopped drinking caffeine after 12pm – at first I felt tired in the afternoons but that showed me what my natural levels of energy were. So instead of going to grab another tea after lunch, I started to get more sleep at night, and hay presto, I had more energy! Who knew more sleep gives you more energy ?!

So now, I take one tea when I arrive at work, one coffee mid morning, and only herbal tisanes in the afternoon and evening. My body has really gotten used to it now and I only ever crave that extra energy boost if I have lost out on some Zzzzz.

20190217_114827_Fotor 2

It is good to remember that tea is low release, so if you don’t feel super tired then a tea will give you a nice low boost throughout a few hours, whereas coffee is fast release, so it will give you a strong boost in a short space of time. A lot of people don’t know that green tea is caffeinated too and that de-cafe coffee contain caffeine – as it is almost impossible to remove it all!

Tisane is the correct term for herbal ‘teas’, it comes from the latin tisana meaning “barley water, medical drink”. The two main differences between them are that tisanes are made from many different plants (fusions from leave, roots, spices, seeds, berries, and bark) while tea comes from only one, and that tisane contains absolutely no caffeine.


Tisanes are great for many symptoms such as indigestion, bloating, anxiety, and insomnia. I find peppermint brilliant after dinner to help with digestion.

If you are not a tisane drinking then you might thinking back to a horrible green tea you once tasted or that badly made chai latte. Think again! – there are sooo many varieties out there that you are bound to find some that you adore. I have tested a lot and concluded that I only really like to drink peppermint and lemon and ginger tisanes on a daily basis.

I try to use tea leaves wherever possible as it means no use of plastic and the leaves are compostable/degradable afterwards. Otherwise, when I can, I choose ethical brands which have fully compostable bags, such as Tea Pigs.

Here are some of my go to tisane and tea brands:



Now go have a cuppa! 🙂


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