Top 3 Podcasts 2018

I see podcasts as a way to relax and get away from the outside world, while also educating myself on topics I am interested in. I often look forward to a long commute because I know it means time to listen and learn.

I only started listening to podcasts in early 2018, but now I can’t imagine life without them. I was never a big fan of reading but always wished I was because I love learning (I am a bit of a nerd :P), so when I discovered the joy of podcasts I was hooked.

So I wanted to share my favourites from 2018 and some new ones I have on my list for 2019.

Happy Place


Fearne Cotton has a cup of tea and a chat with some very interesting people about surviving life, the up and downs, and ultimately how they find happiness in this hectic world.

This has reignited my admiration for Fearne, as a presenter as she is so down-to-earth and real, amongst all of the craziness that stardom brings with it. It has really reminded me that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, as she interviews celebrities that I had a very different judgement of (prejudice, really) before hearing their interviews. The interviews are insightful, with deep subject areas, but they are somehow not drowning. The perfect mix between a cry and a laugh.

Some of my favourites are with Russel Brand, Gok Wan, and Paloma Faith.

Deliciously Ella


Ella and Mathew Mills, the owners of the health food brand Deliciously Ella started this podcast to discuss and educate listeners about health related topics which they are passionate about. It’s topics span from mental and physical health, to building a brand, and keeping positive and well in this busy modern world.

The guests come on to share their stories and advice on topics such as the gut microbiome, and building a business from scratch.

My favourite episode to date is the ‘Why a vegan diet is the single biggest positive change you can make for the planet’ which explores recent scientific based facts which show impact of the agricultural industry on global warming.

Fit and Fearless


This BBC podcast is hosted by 3 entrepreneurial women, who also happen to best friends and founders of the movement #GirlGains. With all 3 having backgrounds and/or careers in the fitness industry they know exactly what to ask their guests, such as Dr Hazel Wallace (aka The Food Medic) and endurance athlete extraordinaire Susie Chan. Their discussions are always informative but light-hearted –  they are very real about the fact that every BODY is different and that self-confidence is something to celebrate.

Body confidence is what it is all about!

New Podcasts for 2019

I am constantly adding to my favourites list, but also filtering out some that I don’t benefit from any more. These guys are on list for my next long commute:



P.S. I use the app called Podcast Player as it seems to have every podcast under the sun available, all for free!


Happy listening 🙂


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