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“It is estimated that there will be more pieces of plastic in the ocean than fish by the year 2050”

– A Plastic Ocean Documentary

The above quote really hit home for me when I watched the documentary A Plastic Ocean. I started to think deeply about how our actions now have a profoundly strong impact on future generations.

I decided to change my 2050.

Over the past two years, I have watched many documentaries about the impact humans are having on the Earth. For me, it started in early 2017 when I came across The True Cost on Nexflix – it led me to tears and really made me think, a lot. I changed my clothes buying habits straight away.

Since then I have been educating myself and making positive changes to my lifestyle, from the food I cook to the cosmetics I use and the way I think about society. I know that my ‘Earth impact’ is now less damaging and that feels good, but I know that my impact alone is not enough.. So, I have decided to start my2050 blog/Instagram to share my sustainable journey to 2050 in an effort to encourage myself and others, to be make more educated and accountable choices. Here’s hoping that some others will join me along the next 32 years!

You are probably thinking “But my small changes won’t have a big enough impact” – what if each of the 8 billion of us thought the opposite!?

IMG_9055 (2)_Fotor

I have come to believe that we have the responsibility to educate ourselves about what is being hidden from us, mainly by governments and commercial organisations. The behind the scenes videos are freely available, the books are written, the podcasts are vast, the science is beyond doubt. It is time now, more than ever, to make our own judgement and vote with our money.

For as long as we keep our head in the sand, the climate will continue to change at our expense, and we will continue to use animals and human labour at their expense.

We need to protect and allow the 3 primary life forces on Earth to prosper; Nature, Animals, and Humans. We are currently destroying all of them at an unimaginable rate.

I am learning more every day and using that knowledge to live as consciously and sustainably as I can. I hope you will want to join in. 


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